Mapping Experiences. 2nd Edition

Autor: James Kalbach

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

Customers who have inconsistent experiences with products and services are understandably frustrated. But it's worse for organizations that can't pinpoint the causes of these problems because they're too focused on processes. This updated book shows your team how to use alignment diagrams to turn valuable customer observations into actionable insight. With this powerful technique, you can visually map existing customer experience and envision future solutions.Designers, product and brand managers, marketing specialists, and business owners will discover how experience diagramming helps you determine where business goals and customer perspectives intersect. Armed with this insight, you can provide the people you serve with real value. Mapping experiences isn't just about product and service design; it's about understanding the human condition.Emphasize recent changes in business using the latest mapping techniquesCreate diagrams that account for multichannel experiences as well as ecosystem designUnderstand how facilitation is increasingly becoming part of mapping efforts, shifting the focus from a deliverable to actionabilityExplore ways to apply mapping of all kinds to noncommercial settings, such as helping victims of domestic violence
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