Distributed Systems with Node.js

Autor: II Thomas Hunter

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

Many companies, from startups to Fortune 500 companies alike, use Node.js to build performant backend services. And engineers love Node.js for its approachable API and familiar syntax. Backed by the world's largest package repository, Node's enterprise foothold is only expected to grow.In this hands-on guide, author Thomas Hunter II proves that Node.js is just as capable as traditional enterprise platforms for building services that are observable, scalable, and resilient. Intermediate to advanced Node.js developers will find themselves integrating application code with a breadth of tooling from each layer of a modern service stack.Learn why running redundant copies of the same Node.js service is necessaryKnow which protocol to choose, depending on the situationFine-tune your application containers for use in productionTrack down errors in a distributed setting to determine which service is at faultSimplify app code and increase performance by offloading work to a reverse proxyBuild dashboards to monitor service health and throughputFind out why so many different tools are required when operating in an enterprise environment
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