Knative Cookbook. Building Effective Serverless Applications with Kubernetes and OpenShift

Autor: Burr Sutter, Kamesh Sampath

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

Enterprise developers face several challenges when it comes to building serverless applications, such as integrating applications and building container images from source. With more than 60 practical recipes, this cookbook helps you solve these issues with Knative—the first serverless platform natively designed for Kubernetes. Each recipe contains detailed examples and exercises, along with a discussion of how and why it works.If you have a good understanding of serverless computing and Kubernetes core resources such as deployment, services, routes, and replicas, the recipes in this cookbook show you how to apply Knative in real enterprise application development. Authors Kamesh Sampath and Burr Sutter include chapters on autoscaling, build and eventing, observability, Knative on OpenShift, and more.With this cookbook, you’ll learn how to:Efficiently build, deploy, and manage modern serverless workloadsApply Knative in real enterprise scenarios, including advanced eventingMonitor your Knative serverless applications effectivelyIntegrate Knative with CI/CD principles, such as using pipelines for faster, more successful production deploymentsDeploy a rich ecosystem of enterprise integration patterns and connectors in Apache Camel K as Kubernetes and Knative components
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