Programming the Internet of Things

Autor: Andy King

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

Learn how to program the Internet of Things with this hands-on guide. By breaking down IoT programming complexities in step-by-step, building-block fashion, author and educator Andy King shows you how to design and build your own full-stack, end-to-end IoT solution--from device to cloud. This practical book walks you through tooling, development environment setup, solution design, and implementation.You'll learn how a typical IoT ecosystem works, as well as how to tackle integration challenges that crop up when implementing your own IoT solution. Whether you're an engineering student learning the basics of the IoT, a tech-savvy executive looking to better understand the nuances of IoT technology stacks, or a programmer building your own smart house solution, this practical book will help you get started.Design an end-to-end solution that implements an IoT use caseSet up an IoT-centric development and testing environmentOrganize your software design by creating abstractions in Python and JavaUse MQTT, CoAP, and other protocols to connect IoT devices and servicesCreate a custom JSON-based data format that's consumable across a range of platforms and servicesUse cloud services to support your IoT ecosystem and provide business value for stakeholders
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