Design Patterns for Cloud Native Applications

Autor: Kasun Indrasiri, Sriskandarajah Suhothayan

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

With the immense cost savings and scalability the cloud provides, the rationale for building cloud native applications is no longer in question. The real issue is how. With this practical guide, developers will learn about the most commonly used design patterns for building cloud native applications using APIs, data, events, and streams in both greenfield and brownfield development.You'll learn how to incrementally design, develop, and deploy large and effective cloud native applications that you can manage and maintain at scale with minimal cost, time, and effort. Authors Kasun Indrasiri and Sriskandarajah Suhothayan highlight use cases that effectively demonstrate the challenges you might encounter at each step.Learn the fundamentals of cloud native applicationsExplore key cloud native communication, connectivity, and composition patternsLearn decentralized data management techniquesUse event-driven architecture to build distributed and scalable cloud native applicationsExplore the most commonly used patterns for API management and consumptionExamine some of the tools and technologies you'll need for building cloud native systems
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