Google Cloud Cookbook

Autor: Rui Costa, Drew Hodun

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

Get quick hands-on experience with Google Cloud. This cookbook provides a variety of self-contained recipes that show you how to use Google Cloud services for your enterprise application. Whether you're looking for practical ways to apply microservices, AI, analytics, security, or networking solutions, these recipes take you step-by-step through the process and provide discussions that explain how and why the recipes work.Ideal for system engineers and administrators, developers, network and database administrators, and data analysts, this cookbook helps you get started with Google Cloud regardless of your level of experience. Google veterans Rui Costa and Drew Hodun also cover advanced-level Google Cloud services for those who have appreciable experience with the platform.Learn how to get started with Google CloudUnderstand the depth of services Google Cloud providesGain hands-on experience using practical examples and labsExplore topics that include BigQuery, Cloud Run, and KubernetesBuild and run mobile and web applications on Google CloudExamine ways to build your cloud applications for scaleBuild a minimum viable product (MVP) app to use in productionLearn data platform and pipeline skills
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