Life Lasts But One Night

Autor: Maria Calabria

Wydawnictwo: Babelcube Inc.

“The sun was setting, the asphalt still burning. In Via Castaldo, near the train station, three girls were chatting and giggling, holding each other’s arms, their faces still childish...”Cristina is dreaming, reliving the first time she and her husband met fifteen years before. But what should have been a happy marriage turns out to be a repository of lies the day that Cristina, thanks to a clever trap, discovers her husband’s betrayals.The love between Elena and Roberto is the reverse of the same coin. The age difference between the two, their family tie, and the passion that fuels their relationship are the backdrop to their relationship.In a background of great loves, betrayals, and infatuation, a crime takes place at the hand of a far-reaching villain which will turn all the characters’ lives upside down and force them to invent a new future for themselves and seek temporary shelter overseas.Will Elena and Cristina be able to fulfill their dreams and find peace in their hearts?
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