Taxi To Hell

Autor: Antonio Lagares

Wydawnictwo: Babelcube Inc.

SynopsisIn mid twentieth century evolutionary psychology is at its height due to the “behavior modification” theory. Experiments of this kind spread throughout institutions where certain socially maladapted individuals are being housed. In a juvenile reformatory in Barcelona it is decided to carry out one of these experimental therapies, pioneering Spanish attempts to apply it excusively with troublesome inmates. There will be a temporary exchange with another inmate from an institution in Cadiz. Due to the uncertainty of the outcome of these, as yet unknown therapies, it is proposed that this first attempt be kept completely secret until the final result is known. The selected inmate is the most troublesome of all, and, in order to transfer him in a taxi, a specific profile is sought, a person who, in the case of serious problems, whose absence would not have measurable repercussions. During the trip incidents occur continually, mostly due to the clash of personalities between the taxi driver and the inmate. The final result, although to be expected, does not fail to surprise. anyone.
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