Just An Affair

Autor: C. J. Benito

Wydawnictwo: Babelcube Inc.

Linda is a fun, rather crazy, and somewhat outspoken girl who works as a receptionist at Hotel La Cima in Las Vegas. As usual, her boss, an outright pig who appears to have the sole aim of irritating her, is there ruining her morning. That same day, one of the clients, furious at his behaviour and outright rudeness, approaches the reception and reveals his identity.Linda is stunned. Not only has the hotel owner jumped to her defence, but he happens to be an extremely attractive man. From this moment on, a connection is formed between them that neither will admit. He insists on keeping inviting her to lunch, and she can´t understand this obsession with seeing her eat, until the sexual tension between them erupts and they both decide to live an adventure that brings them on a journey through Spain.However, there is just one hitch that surrounds their aventure together: It could all be "Just an Affair".
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