Shadows From The End Of The World | Bindaline 1

Autor: Ariel Pytrell

Wydawnictwo: Insepia

IT IS TIME TO ACT.THE BELLS ARE RINGING.IF YOU CAN HEAR THEM, YOU COULD BE A BINDALINE.This novel is the first of the BINDALINE Trilogy, belonging to the ENEALOGIA series, a dimensional epic set on the frontiers between time and the known urban landscape.---------------------------------------------Heed the voices of the wind when walking for the future would pronounce itself as an echo. Destiny is always a few paces ahead and will not pause to ensure that it has been understood. (from the Alde ge or Book of Revelation)-------------------------------------------------They had to remember their past identities, but this was only the first step. New generations are being born, the unawoken are reawakening. With the sound of the Bells, the Bindaline also appear at the end of the cycle, however, many are unaware that they are in fact Urban Messengers. The advancing shadows set the stage to complete their work. It has taken millennia…
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