The Indelible Shadow


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Hard-boiled detective fiction in its purest form, comparable to Seven or the True Detective series. “I read a lot of detective fiction and about crime, but never before had a story left me with such a long literary hangover. For more than a week I was incapable of beginning any other book. So, what distinguishes this book from others? Many things. Above all, it is the passion with which it is written, the personalities of the characters, the explosive ending, the writer's imagination and much more.” Rebelión de Libros, Blog Intense, brutal and crude. This novel is a rollercoaster of emotions with an unexpected ending. While the novel is not lengthy, it has all of what is required for it to be an outstanding and complete story.” “Marcos Nieto is a very particular writer, very much a chameleon. One of his traits is to always present us with very meticulous work, but above all great content.” El Escritorio del Búho, Blog. “The Indelible Shadow offers intelligence and clarity to a story that (with the forewarning of a potential spoiler) provides intrigue through its characters, such as the protagonist and narrator or his partner, the ever-present cervantine counterpoint, all which break away from the stereotypes of the genre.” “For these reasons, the Indelible Shadow is an excellent suggestion for lovers of suspense and thrillers. You will not be disappointed, not for a second.”  Falsaria, Blog On the whole, a realistic police story, nothing fanciful and quite harsh, no holds barred. We are presented with dissimilar characters, all with their own past and intricate personalities, helping us to understand their actions. The perfect book for any fan of crime fiction.” Devorador de Libros, Blog “I’m a big fan of the genre and I can say that for a long time I had not been engrossed by a book, one that intrigued me, kept me captivated right until the end, that was until the Indelible Shadow. Simply one-of-a
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