Autor: Valerio Dalla Ragione

Wydawnictwo: Babelcube Inc.

A world that underwent various reconstructions and reforms based on a social class at risk, with weak social integrity and governed by a treaty that has regulated the relationships of the City-States that survived the war: Redui and Eyodasmi. In the midst of the complex and delicate humanity of the sixth millennium, four students leave their hometown to pursue the highest level of education in the cultural capital of the time. The social tensions and ideological implications that dominate the scene influence and disrupt the lives of these four friends. Their experience will lead them to take actions that they never thought they would have to justify neither to themselves nor to the world around them. Their optimism, trust of knowledge and experience now seem illusory and the causes of the most obscene crimes or highest merits all seem to depend on the actions and dialogs of these four protagonists.
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