Nothing But A Sailor

Autor: Patrizia Ines Roggero

Wydawnictwo: PIR Romance

Nothing but a Sailor is a novel set in the 17th-century Caribbean and it tells the story of the love between Jack and Alyce.Jack is a former captain of the Royal Navy turned pirate, wanted by the law, while Alyce is a young castaway who was traveling to the New World in the company of her husband who she believes dead in the sinking of their ship attacked by pirates. She and her friend Elisabeth, who too has lost her husband, survive the attack and they are rescued by the crew of the Snake Pit. From that moment on, their lives will radically change.The attraction is immediate between Jack and Alyce and, even though she will do everything in her power not to give in, they will eventually be carried away by passion.Their story will be brutally interrupted by Jack’s arrest, and consequently Alyce’s, guilty of loving a pirate. She is pregnant, but the worst thing is that her husband is alive and he is there, in Road Town, where they are put to trial...The two lovers are separated. Jack will manage to escape along with the rest of the crew and his old mistress, Sarah, the governor’s wife, who he takes with them only to secure their escape. Meanwhile, Alyce returns to her husband.Jack will do anything in his power to get his woman back, attacking Road Town and travelling to Virginia where he is made to believe she is dead. But in the end the two lovers will meet again, Alyce's husband will die and they, together with their daughter, will set sail for a new life.The novel is enriched by events linked to piracy. There are plenty of attacks, rapes, booze, storms, and duels.As a backdrop to the love story between Jack and Alyce there is the less adventurous one between Captain Tyler and Elisabeth.
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