Control Your Thoughts, Otherwise They Are Going To Control You

Autor: Danilo Henrique Gomes

Wydawnictwo: Danilo H. Gomes

"If you have many negative thoughts, most of the time, it's time to repossess your life. Dominate your thoughts with this book's help, to achieve an accomplished life. Simply perfect!" - Rafael Oliver (Amazon customer)Many Years ago, scientists foreseen that in a very near future, the depression, would be the worst “bad” that would knock down the humanity. They were right. We live in a chaotic world, where we rarely find peace. The day by day agitation transforms quiet minds in noisy spaces. Is your mind going through this? It’s time to do something about it. This book will help you deal with:- Your Past- Low self-esteem- Fear- Victimhood- Grudge- Anger- Ingratitude- Despise- LonelinessAnd much more!In this book, you will find great reflections and ways of controlling the voices that permeate your mind's grounds, thoroughly explained. Educate your mind with this book's help and learn to give the due attention to the voices that deserve our focus.
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