Strum Beat

Autor: Arabella Cornell

Wydawnictwo: Arabella Cornell

Strum Beat, an erotic rock star novella.Logan Langstead is lead guitarist for Australia's hottest new rock band, Punch Sound. Living life to the full, he is seen as a risk taker and bad boy. Women are one of his biggest weaknesses, especially curvy blondes who aren't afraid to be a little adventurous. When a petite brunette catches his eye at an art exhibition opening, he doesn't believe she's really his type, but still he pursues her.Stuck in a dead end job at the gallery, Allie Sharpe dreams of becoming a successful photographer. Having to fill in as a drinks waitress instead of attending the opening as a guest sparks rebellion in her heart. She is wary when Logan makes his move but feels an undeniable attraction. Maybe sex with a stranger is exactly the sort of fun she needs.A hot night together leads to their lives becoming entwined as Punch Sound's European tour looms. Allie is faced with a choice - to chase her dreams by Logan's side and risk having her heart broken, or end it now while the sensual glow still lingers.Punch Sound. Four sexy rockers, as hot off the stage as they are on it.* Contains erotic MF and MFM scenes *
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