Poolside Seduction (Interracial Black M / White F Backdoor)

Autor: Jenna Powers

Wydawnictwo: PEAR Stories

Amy is a bored, lonely housewife, who's also frustrated with her husband's lack of attention. When he forgets their anniversary again, she's absolutely livid. Her husband promises her a nice dinner after he gets home from work and sneaks out as best as he can.Amy tries to calm herself by having a bit of a lazy day and decides to have the pool cleaned. Her regular pool boy doesn't show up, and instead she's surprised to see a muscular beast of a man taking his place. As he idly cleans the pool, Amy starts to have a couple of naughty thoughts.The past few months have been rather actionless in bed, and a younger, more stronger man would be something that could lighten her mood. She changes into the skimpiest bikini she has and asks if he can help spread some suntan lotion on her. But does she get more than just lotion splash on her?
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