Elevator Blackout (Interracial Black MM/White M Gay Erotica)

Autor: Sara Coxin

Wydawnictwo: PEAR Stories

Chris is an average worker, ready for a new adventure after learning that he's about to be let go. He goes through a fast pace of hard hitting questions and comes out feeling exhausted, and his gut is telling him that he didn't get the job. As he boards and elevator with two black men he ran into earlier, they lift his spirits.The three idly converse about Chris' chances when the building's power goes out. Only the dim orange emergency lights give the three vision in the small elevator. They begin to joke around to try to clear any tension when one of them brings up that fact that he was turned down because he's too big. The other jokes that he deals with too many size queens.When Chris learns that they're gay, he waves them off, telling them that it's not about size. If anything, all men have an average size with not much deviation. The two black men disagree and tell Chris that he's most definitely wrong. In the small, dimly lit elevator, things start to get hot and Chris gets to learn what size really means during the Elevator Blackout...
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