Taking Daddy's Seed - 4-Pack

Autor: Amber FoxxFire

Wydawnictwo: Amber FoxxFire

5 hot young women being fucked hard by their daddies.* Raping my Pregnant Daughter -Wayne had had enough. Knowing that his 18-year-old daughter had been knocked up by another man was just too much for him. Something inside him snapped and he had to have her in the worst way. He’d been teased by her nubile body more than any man could bear.It was now time for him to take what she wasn’t willing to give:Her delicious pregnant body.* Daughter’s First Fuck -Just home from college, 19-year-old Sarah is caught by her mother masturbating to her father’s sweaty shirt. Instead of getting angry, her mother helps her to fulfill her fantasy with her father. Watch as Sarah’s mother uses trickery and cunning to make her father believe that it was he who wanted to fuck his daughter all along.* Daddy’s Sleepwalking SlutGoing to bed extremely horny, I thought I was going to have to take care of business by myself. That was until my daughter sleep-walked past my bedroom door completely naked. Once I’d realized that she’d taken Ambien and likely wouldn’t remember a thing, I took advantage of the situation.* Daddy! Don’t Cum in my Cervix!Just home from college, daddy took me aside and asked me if I’d had sex yet. Of course I hadn’t, so I told him so. That’s when he offered to show me the ropes. Everything was fine until his big, fat cock pushed against my cervix…This hot 2500 word story features a young, 18-year-old virgin getting knocked up by her daddy. Things turn real hot when mom makes a surprise entrance.
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