Taken in Their Sleep 8-Pack

Autor: Amber FoxxFire

Wydawnictwo: Amber FoxxFire

8 hot sleeping mothers, daughters and sisters being taken and knocked up without their knowledge.Stories Included:* Daddy’s Sleepwalking SlutGoing to bed extremely horny, I thought I was going to have to take care of business by myself. That was until my daughter sleep-walked past my bedroom door completely naked. Once I’d realized that she’d taken Ambien and likely wouldn’t remember a thing, I took advantage of the situation.* Knocking up my Sleeping SisterAfter a hard night of partying, Daphne’s friends brought her passed out body back to her house where she would - presumably - be safe, laid her on the couch and left.She was safe. Safe from everyone but Steve, her drunk, horny brother, who proceeded to have his way with her.* Knocking up my Drunk, Sleeping MotherSeeing mom laying on my sister’s bed, helpless with one breast exposed, caused my cock to stiffen in my pants. I don’t know what overcame me, but I knew at that moment I had to have her. I had to impregnate my mother with my incestuous seed. How depraved could I get?* Breeding My Prudish Sleepwalking MotherMom had always been a hardcore prude. So, when she sleep-walked her way into my room in the middle of the night, I took advantage of the situation. I also knew for a fact that she was extremely fertile and hadn’t had sex with my father since I was born. That meant that her pussy was as tight as an 18-year-old virgin’s.* Knocking up My Sleeping NieceAs my sis had to attend to an emergency at her law firm, she was frantic to find someone to watch her drunk, passed-out 19-year-old daughter, Jessica, for a couple of hours.I was more than happy to accept…* I Knocked up My Sleeping Daughter With Her Mother's HelpI couldn’t believe my luck! Stacy, my 18-year-old was stone cold out of it and my wife thought it would be a good time for me to knock her up. See, Jill has always wanted grandkids. But our daughter was adamant about not having them.A fertility pill dissolved into her drink changed all that.* Mom Never KnewWhile I was away at college, dad called me up one day. He said it was an emergency. Come to find out, mom had given him an ultimatum: impregnate her or she’d leave.Trouble was, he’d had a vasectomy and couldn’t do it. So, he turned to me, his 18-year-old son. Mom was all ready for me: tied up on the bed with a blindfold on. If all went right, she’d never know that it was her son who knocked her up.* Taking My Daughter in Her SleepMarcia, my 18-year-old daughter wanted me. That much I knew. She constantly wore very skimpy, revealing outfits around the house that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. A couple of times she caught me peeking at her small breasts, but instead of being angry, she smiled impishly.Yeah, she wanted me. I also wanted her, but I was also afraid. What if her mother caught us? What if she was just playing and really didn’t want me?So, when my wife went on a week-long work trip, I decided to take my daughter in her sleep. Not knowing if she’d wake up or not was the most nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever faced. But how it turned out…I could never have predicted that in a million years…
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