Fucked by My Uncle

Autor: Amber FoxxFire

Wydawnictwo: Amber FoxxFire

Mom and dad were going on vacation. I just knew it. They said it was a business trip. Yeah, right. Since they didn’t trust me, that meant that I was to be dropped off at Uncle Seth’s for the weekend.Uncle Seth was one hot guy. Tall, handsome and built like a Mac truck. I creamed my panties just thinking about him.Let them have their vacation. I’ll have Uncle Seth.Excerpt:My parents were going on an important business trip. So I couldn’t go. It was complete bull, if I said so myself. I was eighteen years old and a responsible young adult. There was nothing I did to deserve their mistrust. At least Uncle Seth was hot. If I was going to be confined to the supervision of an adult, I’d rather it be him.Uncle Seth was one of those bad boy types. Muscles, stubble, wonderful man chest and I could damn near bet that Uncle Seth was packing a huge cock in those denim jeans he’d wear all the time. I dragged the last of my two suitcases out of my Dad’s BMW and hauled them to the front door. They beeped goodbye and sped off. Liars, they were probably going to Vegas or some shit.Uncle Seth had told me over the phone to let myself in. God, everyone I knew had left their doors unlocked like this was nirvana or something. Didn’t they realize that there were still people called thieves in this world?“Uncle Seth,” I called out, dragging my bags in. “Uncle Seth? I’m here.”No response. Where the hell was my sexy Uncle?
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