A French Song in New York

Autor: Anna Adams

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The series starter, 'A French Girl in New York' is FREE!Maude is excited to make her Broadway debut, and at the chance to mentor her new protégée to become the next musical sensation.But when Thomas Bradfield is cast as her love interest in Violet’s Voice, Maude will have to make sure that their messy history doesn’t destroy everything she’s worked so hard for, including her relationship with Matt.With her relationship on the line, can writing the lyrics of a French song help her confront her past, and build a future with Matt?The Complete French Girl Series:A French Girl in New York (Book 1-FREE)A French Star in New York (Book 2)A French Princess in Versailles (Book 3)A French Diva in New York (Book 4)A French Voice in New York (Book 5)A French Song in New York (Book 6)Keywords: romance, teenage love & romance, ya, orphan, teenage girls, clean romance, sweet romantic love story book, love triangle, love triangle, musical books, celebrity romance, books of famous love story novels, free middle grade, children's books, young adult books, young adults romance books, France, Paris, New York, fame, boys, kissing
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