Raping My Bratty Sister

Autor: Amber FoxxFire

Wydawnictwo: Amber FoxxFire

My God-Damn sister was a fucking brat. Always getting her way with daddy, while I got the table scraps.After getting shafted by daddy again, I vowed to change that. I was going to grab her by the hair, tie her up and rape my bratty sister. If she became pregnant during our incestuous union, then so be it.But from now on, she was going to be my bitch.Excerpt:"Rob! What're you doing in my room! Get out, I'm naked you little shit." She yelled at me. "Dad!""Daddy's not here, slut."I saw her eyes dart down to my cock. Was that a little smile I saw on those whorish lips?Anna's hair was firmly twisted into my tight grasp as I pulled her to the ground and against her bed for a thorough mouth fucking."You're going to suck my cock, slut. Open your mouth."She stuck out her tongue and smiled wickedly. "You can't make me!"I slapped her face and pulled her mouth open. My cock was stuffed down her throat and jammed around. Anna choked a couple times, but on the whole, she was taking it down like a champ. Anna’s eyes looked at me with an indescribable lust. Had she always wanted this? Was this why she acted like a spoiled brat all the time? Did she want me to fuck her rough and heavy?"Oh, that's right, suck big brother's cock. Just like that, slut. Ahh," I cooed, bucking my hips into her face. I made her suck me down to the hilt. Choke bitch, choke.Ripping my hot, turbulent cock out of her mouth, I reached down to her hardened nipples and pinched them. Anna moaned, hips grinding onto the ground.
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