A Family Affair 4-Pack

Autor: Amber FoxxFire

Wydawnictwo: Amber FoxxFire

4 hot family stories:* Screwed by My Uncle on the Family Road Trip* Gangbang Grandma* Caught & Punished!* Knocking up My Sleeping NieceStories Included:* Screwed by My Uncle on the Family Road TripA hot, sleeping, 21-year-old uncle, a very wet and horny 18-year-old niece, a long, boring road trip and oblivious parents make for a VERY interesting and fertile ride.* Gangbang GrandmaHorny grandma fucks her three adult grandsons in this hot, incestuous gangbang. Watch as she takes on all three at once!* Caught & Punished!Caught in the laundry room sniffing her mother’s panties, Clarissa endures her mother’s spankings and then turns the tables on her mother, punishing her instead. Will her mother fight back or give into her daughter’s new found dominance?* Knocking up My Sleeping NieceAs my sis had to attend to an emergency at her law firm, she was frantic to find someone to watch her drunk, passed-out 19-year-old daughter, Jessica, for a couple of hours.I was more than happy to accept…
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