Rabbits in the Garden

Autor: Jessica McHugh

Wydawnictwo: Post Mortem Press

SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY EDITIONContains new material as well as a bonus short story, “Crazed in Christmas City” AND an excerpt of HARES IN THE HEDGEROW, the highly anticipated sequel to RABBITS IN THE GARDEN.Being a teenager is hard enough, but growing up in an asylum could drive anyone crazy. At twelve years old, Avery Norton had everything: a boyfriend who was also her best friend, the entirety of Martha's Vineyard as her playground, and her very own garden to tend. By thirteen, it was all over.The discovery of a secret crypt in the basement starts the Norton family down many unexpected avenues, including one that leads to Avery's arrest for murder and her subsequent imprisonment in Taunton State Lunatic Asylum. Set in 1950s Massachusetts, Rabbits in the Garden follows Avery Norton's struggle to prove her innocence and escape Taunton with her mind intact
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