Her Risque Romps

Autor: Alethea Rose

Wydawnictwo: Darque Taboo Press

This taboo erotic novel is so sexy that we can't tell you about all the things in store for you in this blurb. Check out the "Free Excerpt" below for all the sexy details!******Excerpt******It was intertwining deceptions and the dastardly Dutch that sent me hurrying out the side door of my father's house, into the misty darkness without drawers on. But most of all, it was to save my father from the wrath of the King. My determination was strong as I allowed the ever faithful Rippley, to hand me into the carriage.I shall never forget the look on Rippley's face that night."Tis folly! Ye not be changin' yer mind?"I shook my head and settled stubbornly back into the plush furs."Tis my opinion yer father would rather be giving his head to the king than be freed at such a price."The door snapped shut. A moment later, Rippley whipped up the horses. The carriage jerked and rumbled briskly along the cobblestone street.*************************Warning: This ebook contains explicit and forbidden descriptions of taboo sexual activity. It may include themes or elements of taboo, forbidden, and adult topics. It is intended for open minded mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.XXX Adults Only 18+ Graphic Content
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