The Sexual Paradise of LSD

Autor: Taboo Times

Wydawnictwo: Darque Taboo Press

"On LSD sex becomes such a magnificently sacred act of love that I would never want to experience the act without having the emotion toward my partner... Sex for bodily pleasure alone becomes repugnant to me at that time, and orgiastic sex would be a nightmare of degradation and offensiveness!""On psychedelics I get a more realistic appreciation of the sexual act itself. I'm freed of my blind suspicion that lust is a dirty word. I enjoy fully a much more satisfying sex life. I can have sex with a man just because it's enjoyable and makes us both feel good. Even the emotional impersonality of a sex orgy doesn't distract me from the fantastic enjoyment of the physical pleasures I get. I don't feel guilt after I've participated in one, either. All I feel is supreme contentment and the best kind of exhaustion.""LSD taught me that sex is beautiful. Orgies are sex at its basest, least spiritual level; so why tarnish something beautiful? I couldn't, especially on LSD."*************************Warning: This ebook contains explicit and forbidden descriptions of taboo sexual activity. It may include themes or elements of taboo, forbidden, and adult topics. It is intended for open minded mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.XXX Adults Only 18+ Graphic Content
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