Fucked by the Dolphin

Autor: Amber FoxxFire

Wydawnictwo: Amber FoxxFire

Neptune the dolphin was having a bad day. His lady-dolphin friend had just left him for another, larger porpoise and he was feeling sorry for himself.That was, until he saw a shark circling a human. He’d always liked humans - they were a bit weird, but he considered them land-dolphins. He also loved ruining sharks’ days.His mind made up, he swam between the human female and the hungry shark.Excerpt:He tore off her bikini top, freeing her globes of pleasure before his eyes. She giggled as she splashed some water on him, like all gorgeous 18-year-olds would do.Her soft body beckoned to him as the waters teased her breasts, as they danced with the waves. They were so hypnotic and tantalizing as he began to nibble and lick one then the other.She giggled as she felt his warm tongue caress her stiff nipples.Her slender fingers danced over his chest, flippers and back, sending lustful tingles through him. He drew her nipple deeper into his mouth, flicking her pebble-sized nipple with his tongue."Oh! That feels so good!" She sucked in her breath, shuddering as she rubbed herself against his muscular body.He sucked on her nipple, enjoying her soft moans. Then he switched to her other one."Keep doing that!" She gasped, wrapping her legs around him and pushing her needy cunt toward his throbbing cock.He stuck his muzzle to her ruby lips and was thrilled when she parted her lips. Lust roared within him wanting his dick deep in her. He'd never had a human female before, but something about this one called to him.
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