Daddy Took My Virginity While I Slept

Autor: Amber FoxxFire

Wydawnictwo: Amber FoxxFire

Daddy took me while he thought I was sleeping. He didn’t know that I was really awake. He didn’t know that I was a virgin. Nor did he know that I was fertile!Would I really get knocked up with daddy’s seed? How could daddy do such unspeakable things to me? Why did it feel so good? Only a monster impregnates his virgin daughter while she’s sleeping, right?But daddy didn’t seem like a monster.Excerpt:I wasn't really sleeping, though. I'd had a bad fall and injured myself and the doctor prescribed some medication that really put me out.Mom was too busy at work, so dad took care of everything. I may have been 18, but I was still daddy's little girl.At first everything was fine. Daddy set me up in the guest bedroom and made sure that everything was just so. He tended lovingly to my every need.But late at night when he thought I was sleeping, he'd watch me from the door. To be quite honest, it creeped me out. What worried me even more was when I realized exactly what he was doi
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