Lindey: Volume One (Taboo Erotica)

Autor: Brandy Romance

Wydawnictwo: Darque Taboo Press

Table of Contents:CHAPTER ONE - ARREST.. 1CHAPTER TWO – TORTURE.. 19CHAPTER THREE - STRAPPED LIMBS. 41****Excerpt:No silence was allowed to lengthen. Sporadic gunfire split the dusty air of the shattered room in repeated bursts. Or there were hesitations in which single shots would follow one another like too many punctuations in bad grammar. The crumbled wall and missing window gave Lindy Bestwick no sanctuary from the sound of strife. She embraced the four by four by which the sagging ceiling had been braced, and continued to tug and examine the handcuffs on her wrists as she had been doing for the past thirty minutes. Because of the steel circlets she was compelled to extend an arm to each side of the stressed timber to where her hands were linked by a facility she had always associated with crime. She was not entirely helpless but, on the other hand, she could not walk away.Admittedly she had no business in Rabaul. But the attack was sudden, the populace vanished with a practiced precision, such troops as patrolled the streets took cover or moved to meet the enemy. Seeking advice, Lindy had grasped the first clean uniform to hurry by. Its wearer had gazed at her in surprise, and then with a scrutiny of suspicion. Without a word, he had dragged her within the ruin, produced the handcuffs and attached her as she now was. He had left without a word.
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