Stuck On Oral: Taboo Teen Erotica

Autor: Duchess Jablomey

Wydawnictwo: Oyodeo Divalium

Excerpt: Charley and Dave looked at each other. "Now see what you did?" said the first. "If you're not quiet, we're neither one of us gonna get it. So just shut yer trap. O.K? Ya understand?" He looked back at Sue Ellen, "alright, Sue Ellen," he said, "You can get back on yer knees. Dave's gonna be quiet. He's not gonna make a mess out of this, are ya, Dave?""No," said Dave, whispering like his friend Charley and like Sue Ellen. "I ain't gonna but talk like this. It was just the sight of your thing, Sue. That's all. It was all pretty and bushy and wet and all, and I got a little excited."Sue Ellen blushed. "Well, that's nice, but this place ain't exactly the nicest one for getting excited and romantic." She smiled and got back down on her knees. The place was a deserted construction site, deserted because it was the weekend, under construction because everything in Jackson was under construction. Anyhow, the three adolescents had decided on using the half-built condominium as a hang-out, a place to meet and carry on.
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