Fame, Fortune And Sex: Taboo Erotica

Autor: Elmore Pitman

Wydawnictwo: Palimpsest Publishing

This full length erotic novel is so sexy we can't even tell you the preview…***************Lindy gasped."Yes, Lindy, I fucked Terry. And he loved it, every minute of it. So he sits here—his ass hurts I don't doubt—brooding, wondering, worrying."Julie giggled. "Drink, eat, be merry!"Ron went on. "And Julie is laughing it all off because she succumbed to being the dominant bitch-cunt this afternoon, forcing that dancer to shove his fat dick up little Lindy's bum.""Shut up," Lindy snapped.Terry looked up in surprise, into Lindy's eyes. Suddenly they found that measure of understanding again."And little Lindy screamed and kicked and had her cute little asshole raped by that big stud assfucker. And then, good trooper of the stage that she is, went out there and tap danced her way through the rest of the afternoon.""Waiter," Julie called, "I'd like another drink!"When the waiter had gone, Ron went on. "I wonder how Gerry feels tonight? He's only banged boys before, at least the only assholes he's had it had been boys'. He's probably comparing the feelings right now.""Ron, come on, let us enjoy our meal," Terry said, not even looking at him.But Ron had to carry it through. "Terry got fucked and loved it. Lindy got it up her butt and took it just like her mother used to. And Julie got off on it because she's jealous of Lindy banging boys when she could have her all to herself. She and Sally and all the other dykes in this city.""And you can have all the fags, baby," Julie snapped back at him."Please stop it!" Terry said, a little too loudly. People at the next table turned. He couldn't risk that—they were all recognizable.Lindy dropped her fork, reached into her bag and took out a little pillbox. She opened it, popped a little blue pill into her mouth, and drank half a glass of water."What was that?" Julie asked, worried. She'd seen a bottle of sleeping pills in Lindy's suitcase the day before."Like mother, like daughter," Ron smiled. 
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