Hot Wife All The Time: Taboo Erotica

Autor: Colleen Clarke

Wydawnictwo: Palimpsest Publishing

This full length erotic novel is so sexy we can't even tell you the preview…*************Kerry's eyes opened slowly, fluttering as he awoke, and then he understood what the ticklish pressure on his mouth meant. "Hello, baby," he said, embracing Pam and angling his crotch into hers. It was all he got to say. She felt the sudden growth of his cock and she slammed her mouth down upon his, tongue jabbing furiously into Kerry's mouth as he sucked it just as furiously.If he'd been lumpy between the legs a moment ago, he was absolutely rocky now, his dick as hard as granite, his balls big and swollen just beneath. Pam had already tugged up the tail of her nightie and she was rubbing his shorts with her bare flesh.Kerry groaned and embraced her more tightly, and then he was moving his wife onto her back as she spread her legs to greet him. Was there any better way to start the day off? Pam didn't think so. Neither, from the way his hands attacked her body, did Kerry.He pried his mouth loose and hovered above her, kicking away the comforter under which they'd slept. It wasn't anchored to the bed, and the swing of his foot sent it fluttering to the floor. Now they lay upon an uncovered bed, and Pam's nightie was slowly being lifted even higher, up the slight swell of her tummy, over the much more delicious swells of her tits. Kerry hiked the filmy garment between his wife's nipples and chin and for a moment he stared down at her almost completely nude body, the bulge in his shorts growing larger with each flicker of his eyes. "Jesus," he said, "most women don't look as good any time as you do first thing in the morning.""I practice," she smirked, a slender hand reaching up to pet and stroke his pecker lump.Ooooohhh, Jesus, he was hard! Hard and ready! She hooked her thumb in the waistband of his shorts and started to pull them down. "Hurry," she said. "It's almost seven o'clock."And he had to be at work by nine. Thank God they lived so close to the plant! They could start the morning off right, and still have time far a nice breakfast together before he left for work. Pam tugged a little harder, and Kerry's rod sprang into view, standing up all big and red and ferocious, the way site loved to see it, the tip already moist and glistening with his pre-cum. She squeezed the tip of his dong until he moaned, and when her fingers came away they were damp with the sticky juices that already flowed from deep inside him.He touched her pussy, and he smiled. She was damp, too, the lips of her cunt coated with a dewy ooze of moisture. God, when weren't they? His fingers slid up and down the gash of Pam's cunt, occasionally slipping through the meaty gates, and she said, "Oh, Christ, baby, don't make me wait any longer!"Her hand flew to his cock and she began to play with him in a teasing, come-on-baby-let's-do-it fashion, sliding up and down his stiff quivery length in the slow, erotic masturbation she'd learned years ago in high school. "Mmmmm," Pamela moaned. "Mmmmm, it looks like you don't want to wait either!" 
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