Rapture In The Rear

Autor: Sandra Walker

Wydawnictwo: Palimpsest Publishing

This full length erotic novel is so sexy we can't even tell you the preview…************************"Maybe," he said, poking her cunt, "we didn't get the right hole.""I don't know," she said, the blood rushing to her head. "I never--" He jammed his finger hard, quickly, forcefully up her sphincter muscle. She jerked involuntarily and when she tried to wiggle free he prodded her in the pussy. No matter which direction she headed he would be penetrating one or the other of her holes. "Maybe," he said, watching her face in themirror, "youneed somethinga littleless traditional than the standard pussy fuck?""I don't know," she said, trying to slide her ass off his finger. She went forward onto the finger in her cunt. But he had lodges that digit in so far that she had little room to move in. She let loose of his cock and looked directly at him, not in the mirror. "I never had it in my asshole," she said. 
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