The Hottest Hot Wife: Taboo Incest Erotica

Autor: Kimberly Stanley

Wydawnictwo: Palimpsest Publishing

This full length erotic novel is so sexy we can't even tell you the preview…**********************When just the head of Daddy's cock was in my mouth, I jerked on the shaft at the same speed I fingered my hot pussy. If I timed things right Daddy's balls would explode at the same time my clit released all the tension and passion in my body. Daddy's cock pulsed in my mouth as I tongued him feverishly, speeding his eruption. The palm of my hand was wet with cunt juice as I worked it between my cuntlips."Is there something wrong with the lady?" the waiter asked.I released Daddy's cock from my lips as my heart pounded nervously. Would they call the police? What would happen if the press ever found out that a daughter was sucking her father's prick in a public restaurant?"No! Nothing's wrong!" father stammered. 
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