The Oral Specialist: Taboo Erotica

Autor: Dianne Jefferson

Wydawnictwo: Palimpsest Publishing

This full length erotic novel is so sexy we can't even tell you the preview…**************Buzz found himself thinking about Sibal again. She was probably still curled up in her warm bed, sound asleep. The village tavern where she worked as a barmaid didn't open until mid morning; she could indulge herself in the luxury of sleeping late. Buzz wished to hell he could be back there in bed with her, instead of up here in this dazzling world of cloud tops and sunshine on his way to Berlin.He knew he couldn't afford to let himself start thinking about that, however. A man had to watch himself or he could fray his nerves exactly like some superstitious hick whistling his way through a graveyard at night.Buzz picked around through his memories, looking for something exciting enough to keep his mind off the immediate future. He thought of Millie, the girl from East High in Denver, Colorado who'd introduced him to what a blow job really was.Talk about a classy chick, Milly was solid gold class compared to anyone he'd ever known up to that time. Her old man was supposed to be worth several millions and the house they lived in on an acre or more of richly landscaped grounds out toward Lowry Field made the story easy to believe.Buzz had been walking on East Colfax past East High School with a pass in his pocket and the lost feeling of a small-town boy in a big city in his gut. He felt like a city girl probably saw small town written all over him, so he'd kept his eyes straight ahead like he didn't know there was a girl within a mile as he passed the high school campus. He couldn't believe his ears when suddenly he heard someone call, "Hey, soldier! Want some company?"Despite himself, Buzz glanced around, then stood gaping in amazement at the bright-eyed vision of red-headed loveliness he saw strolling toward him. He gulped, then managed to force one word out in a strained voice of unbelief, "Me?""No one else, handsome," she declared, smiling. "My name's Mildred Pierce, but my friends call me Milly." 
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