Cheating 101: Adult Erotica

Autor: Booker Radcliffe

Wydawnictwo: Palimpsest Publishing

Excerpt:As a matter-of-fact it was six spurting orgasms in sixty hours-Christiana practically raped him on Monday night.It was a strange situation for a widower and presumable upstanding office manager to find himself in, at forty-one years of age. Jim Hunt was stud to two women, two sensuous and demanding women. One was 21, the other 35, a complete and thoroughgoing voluptuary, kinky and in love with cock, a small blonde woman with a circumspect manner and job who loved to drink semen and preferred buggery to taking cock in her blonde-tressed and extremely juicy cunt.Jim coped, month after month.Logical or not, Christiana didn't like Muriel; she resented her, and she pushed it. He kept the two women apart.. . .Then came the Friday when he told his daughter-in-law that he'd be out of town all weekend again. She bitched, sulked. But he went, and when he and Muriel flew back Monday afternoon, they were married.
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