Dadd's Tasty Daughter: Taboo Erotica

Autor: Sebastian Brigham

Wydawnictwo: Palimpsest Publishing

Excerpt:A squeal from Pam jerked Carol's eyes back to her daughter. The girl's blouse was tangled up around her head as Ben tugged at it. Finally Pam wrestled her hair out of the neck of the garment, and Ben jerked it down her arms and threw it into a corner. Pam was not wearing a bra, and her full young breasts bounced slightly on her chest. As large as they were, they had no sag, no crease at their base. Instead, the firm masses stood out proudly. Her nipples were larger than Linda's, and darker. Ben's fingers took them and pinched and rolled them, making them harden even more, stiffening them into tight peaks. Pam let her head fall back to rest on the back of the couch, her mouth gaping open in passion. For a few seconds the eighteen-year-old abandoned herself to the young boy as he toyed with her boobs."Oh, yes," Pam sighed, loudly enough for Carol to hear as the records came to an end. None of the children seemed to be paying any attention to the record player at all.Finally Pam lifted her head from the couch. As Ben cupped and played with her large boobs, she sought his belt with her fingers and struggled with the buckle. After releasing it she tugged the bottom of Ben's T-shirt up. He released her breasts for a moment to let her strip the garment off over his head. Quickly he grabbed for her breasts again and massaged them. She went then to the fastenings on his trousers. She seemed experienced at dealing with such things, quickly unfastening the waist and running the zipper down. Ben lifted his hips and let her press his pants down around his ankles. His cock formed a hard ridge under his shorts. Pam reached for the elastic and tugged them down.Carol felt her own excitement growing as she watched her daughter stripping the boy. Carol's cunt began to burn, and she pressed her fingers to it to feel it through her shorts. The junction between Carol's legs was hot and steamy as she continued to spy on her children.
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