Returning Mom:Taboo Erotica

Autor: Brett Chamberlin

Wydawnictwo: Palimpsest Publishing

Excerpt:Jay had seen the girl flash her cute ass, but now he was looking at his mother again, his eyes widening slightly as he saw one of her tits. He saw the light-brown nipple, and made a noisy, gulping sound.Shellie glanced down at herself, then laughed softly. It was okay if her son saw her tit, she felt. Even though she was his mother, her tits were no different from those of any other woman, although firmer and much prettier. She wiggled her hips into a more comfortable position. Her long clit had begun to throb and swell, and it pushed at the pad beneath her.Jay watched his mother's ass wiggling, and again he made a swallowing sound. He had caught a glimpse of his mother's crotch. 
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