Manhandled Bride: Taboo Erotica

Autor: Prof. Enoch Pickman

Wydawnictwo: Taboo Pulp Press

Teaser:The alcohol in Abby's blood combined with Walter's sudden passionate onslaught to set her brain reeling. She couldn't order her muscles to do anything as Walter raped her mouth with his slippery, drooling tongue. His hands moved feverishly up and down her back, rubbing her ungirdled buttocks and stroking along her spine. He caught the tab of her zipper and pulled it down. Giddily Abby realized he was unhooking her brassiere.She managed to slide her mouth away from him and gasp, "No!" as she pushed feebly against the lust-driven man.But her bra strap parted, causing her breasts to surge in sudden freedom. Wrestling with her as they stood toe to toe, Walter pulled down the front of her dress and her bra.Abby's rich tits bobbed into view, roundly jutting, their pink nipples stiff as little fingers.***
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