Manhandled In The Ghetto: Taboo Erotica

Autor: Prof. Enoch Pickman

Wydawnictwo: Taboo Pulp Press

Teaser:Her physical attributes, however, had earned her the honor of being chosen first runner-up in the Bigote County beauty pageant. She would have won hands down if her mother hadn't shown up on the last day of the contest, causing the officials who ran the county to decide very quickly that they didn't want a girl like Kitten to represent them at the state finals--because Kitten's mother was black!Except for her straight, jet-black hair, Kitten had none of her mother's coloring, or even a semblance of her Negroid features. Her mother said that with her pale skin and blue eyes, Kitten took after her white father, whom Kitten had never seen--even as a small child. Kitten would not have minded if she had taken after her mother. In fact, she would have been proud and happy. At least it would have made her life a lot less complicated. Because even in this enlightened day, especially in a community like Bigote County, located as it was in the deep South, a girl like Kitten was not wholly accepted either by blacks or by the white residents. Yet, there was no discrimination about her working as a chipmunk in a place like the Burrow Club. Which at the moment was her main concern. That and wondering what made her feel so unusually dizzy--and horny. One thing for sure, she couldn't finish the night waiting on tables. So she sent the wardrobe matron to tell Harry Fink, the boss, she wanted to see him.
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