Her Sexual Pet: Taboo Erotica

Autor: Mayron Reid

Wydawnictwo: Vintage Pulp Publishing

Teaser: Manfred got to his feet and followed Del's orders slowly, his nose pointing toward her cunt. His pink tongue licked out and flicked along Del's slit, plucking the cheese out with one swift motion, Del shook visibly at the impact of the dog's tongue against her sex, and a flash of pleasure twisted her face. Manfred obviously smelled the additional snacks buried between Del's labia and pursued them with increasing interest. Digging his nose into Del's crotch, his tongue pried into her cunt, seeking out piece after piece of cheese.Del's white body shook visibly as the dog probed after the cheese. The blonde woman braced her hands on her. hips and rocked her pelvis forward to give the big dog greater access to her. Her knees shaking, Del fought desperately to remain on her feet, but her legs gave way and she dropped to her knees. The change in position did nothing to discourage Manfred. As Del's pussy dropped, his head followed it down and he continued to probe and pry into her in search of cheese.Her muscles racked by sexual spasms, Del writhed and jerked, falling back on her elbows as Manfred pursued his goal, driving his nose into her cunt. She wound up on her back, thighs spread, knees bent, with the massive shepherd between her legs, driving his nose into her.
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