Erring With My Uncle: Taboo Family Erotica

Autor: Carmen Nichols

Wydawnictwo: Taboo Pulp Press

Excerpt: Unnaturally important!And that's how I wound up on the Riviera, resting up from a trip around the world.It's kind of hard to believe.Here I am. Helen Northrup, age eighteen, little Miss Normal Middle Class American, sitting on a patio on the Riviera, trying to put this whole thing together.I feel a little bit like Cinderella, although that wasn't always the case.I used to feel like a wallflower, or worse.My life started to change for the better when I reached about eleven years old.That was the time when Billy Adams really started to notice me. We used to fool around quite a bit, but I would never let him cop my cherry.When I was twelve, I went to a party with Billy, and the two of us sneaked off to Mary Jane's mother's room to neck. That was the first time I ever saw a cock.I let Billy put his hand under my sweater, to feel my little budding breasts.It was the strangest feeling, because my nipples all puckered up and I got these marvelous shivery feelings of pleasure that ran through me, like hot and cold flashes, all at once.I got goose bumps on my skin!"You're nice, Helen," Billy whispered. I just sort of smiled at him in the dim light of the bedroom, where we weren't supposed to be.Mary Jane's mother had gone next door to have coffee with a neighbor while we had our party.
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