Disgrace of my Stepsister: Taboo Erotica

Autor: Elvis Jackson

Wydawnictwo: Alethea Stampley

Excerpt: And if that wasn't bad enough, her mother had to marry Hugh MacNamara.Debora couldn't see anything interesting about Hugh except perhaps his money. He was a big, broad-shouldered man with red hair, and a face that looked as if it had been stepped on a lot of times. His son looked even worse.Jimmy MacNamara was almost as big as his father and a lot uglier. Debora knew that some of the girls at school thought he was attractive, but Debora couldn't see anything interesting in him. She just thought he looked like a muscle- bound freak.Debora felt thirsty as she put her brush down. She almost left her bedroom in just her lacy black panties. Wouldn't her stepbrother love to see her like that! He had already stared at her a couple of times. Of course, most of the boys did that. Debora knew she really had a pair of juicy-looking tits. Her tits were almost as big as her mother's.Debora got her robe and started walking softly down the stairs. It was already late, past midnight, and she didn't want to awaken anyone. She often liked late snacks at night. She thought that that was probably something else about her life that she was going to have to change.Debora was walking past her mother's room when she heard soft groaning coming from inside. Later, she was to tell herself that she just forgot her mother had married once more. She just thought that her mother was in pain and needed help. Debora had never hesitated about walking into her mother's room before.The question was: why didn't she leave after she had pushed open the door and found out why her mother was moaning?
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