The New Educator: Taboo Erotica

Autor: Dixon Moore

Wydawnictwo: Alethea Stampley

Excerpt: She was bored-that was true. She picked up one of the favorite magazines beside her, and flipping through it, she felt her breath begin to quicken at the sight of the naked cocks parading before her. Slowly her hand reached down to her legs and began to massage the inner thighs, coming quickly to the most erogenous parts. Higher and higher her hand reached until restricted by the skirt. Raising herself a little, she pushed the offending fabric higher and out of the way. Spreading her legs a bit she continued to caress the insides of the twitching thighs. She came to a particularly muscular man's picture, and saw a well-proportioned body with a larger-than-average cock hanging down. Her fingers began rubbing the thin covering protecting her cunt, and she could already feel the wetness coming through her flimsy underwear. The thought of the act she was going to perform only increased the wetness.She let out a low moan and her passion increased as she lay aside the book and pulled aside the panty-crotch. Her fingers went in, gently caressing. Her eyelids became heavy, and she looked out from beneath them, involved in her own passion and barely seeing the picture that had provided the stimulus for her now excited state.Dipping her finger into her pussy she moved it around slowly, savoring each pulsating throb it induced. With her other hand she reached into the open overnight bag, also on the seat beside her and withdrew a cock shaped object. Her finger still working slowly, she brought the head of the larger than average dildo to her mouth, and began massaging her lips; by now dry from the anticipation of her heat. Provocatively, she let the rubber prick slip between her lips, bringing her tongue into play; all the while continuing her rapidly increasing friction on her now burning slit.She let as much of the dildo slip into her expanded mouth as would go, and at the same time she thrust her index finger as deep within her as it would go. Spreading her legs as far as they would go, she hunched down in the seat so as to give her as clear an access to herself as possible. Then removing the false prick from her mouth she brought it in contact with her fully gorged cuntlips and began rubbing it up and down over them. The sensations that she set off within herself brought still more moisture to the surface. Once again spreading her legs still further, she inserted the nine inch falsy slowly in herself, her breath coming still faster and faster. The false prick began rapidly disappearing within her until almost all of it had vanished from view.
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