American Fascist

Autor: Malcom James

Wydawnictwo: Malcom James

American Fascist is a smart, fast and frightening political thriller that imagines the current crisis in the United States, but taken to its final endgame. Deftly weaving current events into a fictional tale of one man's discovery of the greatest treason in American history, it's an entertaining, thought-provoking and ultimately dire warning about the fragile state of American democracy in 2018. OnlineBookClub rates American Fascist 4 out of 4 stars: "This is a well-written and thrilling page-turner. The story is rich with relatable characters and events. Supporters of the current American administration would most likely dislike this book, while opposers would almost certainly enjoy it. Setting aside the recognizable events, facts, and alternative facts, this is a story about an intelligent man making a choice between right and wrong." Reader's Favorite rates American Fascist 5 out of 5 stars: "Malcom James delivers a debut novel that will undoubtedly shock as much as it will entertain, the two emotions intentionally driven hand in hand with American Fascist. Thinly veiled parallels are underlined with direct quotes from 45 and his real-life administration, making James' use of “faction” that much more dynamic to the story's plot. The writing is clean and concise and Eli Green feels veritably authentic as an antihero turned mole. Clearly James understands DC politics and the mechanisms that fuel it. When all of these traits are woven together we get a stunning thriller like American Fascist, a book I'd recommend to those who enjoy the likes of Sam Bourne, David Baldacci, Robert Harris, and Michael Dobbs."  
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