Lung Pathology

Autor: Stuart Houser

Wydawnictwo: Humana Press

Lung Pathology: A Consultative Atlas and its companion CD complement each other as a novel and substantive approach to teaching the complex elements of pulmonary pathology. They exhibit challenging yet exemplary cases of lung pathology to help the reader understand diagnostic elements of morphology and to work his or her way through tables of differential diagnoses. These cases have been drawn from a 20-yr file of more than 7000 referrals to Dr. Eugene Mark from pathologists throughout the world. This volume introduces the reader to an updated approach developed by Dr. Mark in the interpretation of pulmonary pathology. Principles of this diagnostic approach are illustrated by many challenging cases of human lung pathology, each of which is ill- trated in color on the companion CD. The CD is a presentation of images and descriptive text in the presentation of 263 complicated referral cases of human lung pathology, including both medical and surgical lung disease. The histology of each case is illustrated by three to nine (usually five) color images captured to a personal computer by a state-of-the-art digital camera (Advanced SPOT, Diagnostic Instruments, Inc. ), mounted on a Zeiss Axiophot microscope. These images are representative of the histology seen on the microscopic slides that were sent to Dr. Mark in consultation. The pathology captured by the images is described by the text from Dr. Mark’s letters to the referring pathologists.
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