Momma Said Never Date Bi-Polar Alcoholic Divorcees

Autor: Louis Kahn Nin

Wydawnictwo: Olympia Press

Urban post-postmodern poems from the avant-pop, avant-porn school of iconoclast literature! Louis Kahn Nin does not heed momma's advice and gets involved with members of the opposite sex who drink too much and live hard lives of broken promises and abject failure-lost children, lost dreams, lost hope, lives like the crashed Exxon Valdez that spill the oil of human dreams. Louis Kahn Nin writes about being in the womb, how he got the scar on his chin, the idea of home, his new iPad, and falling in love with Tijuana hookers. The New Traveller's Companion Series offers this excellent, impulsively readable slim volume of verse by one of our best writers in the Olympia stable.
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