Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Królewna Śnieżka English version

Autor: Jakub i Wilhelm Grimm

Wydawnictwo: Siedmioróg

Oszczędzasz: 32%

A wise and beautiful queen has a daughter, but sadly dies soon afterwards. The king remarries but the stepmother is a cruel and vain woman. Snow White, so called because of her beauty, is soon lovelier than her stepmother. But the stepmother cannot accept a rival and orders that Snow White be taken from the palace and killed.

Managing to escape with her life, Snow White finds a cottage in the forest and ends up living with seven very unlikely housemates, seven dwarfs! Unfortunately the wicked stepmother has a talking mirror, which tells her that Snow White is still alive and still the most beautiful girl in the land.

The stepmother is furious and forms deadly plans to get rid of Snow White. But the seven dwarfs may have something to say about that!

In this new adaptation of the classic fairy tale, meet the seven dwarfs, Chief, Giggler, Dreamer, Echo and the remaining three, all named Hush! Will Snow White manage to avoid the evil machinations of her stepmother and how will the seven dwarfs save her?

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