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Clyde Perkins has an idea in his mind and a gun to his head. If only he could convince the hitman that has been sent to kill him to spare a few more minutes so that he can finish off his newest masterpiece. When all attempts fail, perhaps humor in the one thing that can win the cold-blooded assassin over.Approximately 3,900 words in all.EXCERPT FROM ALL AN AUTHOR NEEDS“Evening, Mr. Perkins,” a voice came from behind the old man as he typed. “I’m sure you know what this is all about. Do you have any last words before I pull the trigger?” The man cocked his gun and pressed the cool edge of the barrel against the back of Perkins’ head.“Yes, I do, actually. Many, in fact.” Clyde Perkins continued typing away. “I’m just a thousand words from finishing my latest novel, Brooding Folly. Would you mind coming back in a few minutes?”“You can’t be serious.” He pressed the gun harder.“Well in that case, I guess you can stay. But you’ll have to keep quiet. It’s hard enough working under a deadline, let alone with a gun to your head.”
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