Raising An Executive

Autor: True Tamplin

Wydawnictwo: True Tamplin

Raising An Executive is the ultimate kick-in-the-pants for prominent businessmen, politicians, and even pastors who should be spending more time with their sons. When True was 13, his father Ken Tamplin was offered to be the lead singer for Journey. Despite desperately needing the money, the 5-year touring contract was too great of a sacrifice. Because of his father's decision to choose his family over his career, True went on to accomplish everything an executive could want for his son: covering the local newspaper, getting a full-ride athletic scholarship, maintaining a 4.0 GPA Suma Cum Laude, giving his grad speech, creating a succesful SEO business, and becoming an internationally recognized public speaker and #1 Bestselling Author all by the age of 22. True's story has become his plea for executives to spend more time with their sons.  Get ready for some sensitive issues and painful adjustments. Both being an executive and raising one is not easy, but it’s worth every sacrifice.
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